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We Take care of You

beautizon instruments, If you’re looking for a solution, we’re your answer! We offer best-in-class services that are cheap and easy to use. Just take five minutes to fill out our form and we’ll send you the perfect package! We call it on-demand – ordering is so easy and our team will take care of it while you’re working on your other priorities in life.

How Do We Become More Competitive?

About Beautizon Instruments

Beautizon Instruments provides a wide range of professional-grade beauty instruments for both salon professionals, salon supply stores, wholesalers, distributors and Importers. With over ten years of experience in the industry and a team of passionate experts, Beautizon Instruments is dedicated to delivering top quality products in a variety of fields, including manicure, pedicure, and esthetics. We use only the highest quality materials, like surgical stainless steel blades and anti-rusting coating to produce some of the finest instruments available on the market.

We offer private labeling services and are dedicated to developing new and innovative products.

beautizon instruments wholesale supplier

Beauty instrument top tips

Using the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the perfect look – here are some top tips on how to use our products:

Our Happy Client

" I have been a Beautizon Instruments customer for over 5 years now. The team has been nothing but incredible to me and I’ve never had a single problem with the products or the delivery. They're always prompt in their responses, even on holidays and weekends. I highly recommend Beautizon Instruments for cuticle cutters and other skin care products! "
Nancy M Mabry
Nancy M Mabry

Best Quality Extensive Range Of Salon Cuticle Nippers, Nippers Tools

Looking For Premium Wholesale Nail Nippers And Professional Nippers Tools? Beautizon Instruments Offers Salon Owners And Nail Technicians An Extensive Selection Of Top-Quality Cuticle Nippers, Nippers Tools, And Sharpeners Available At Exclusive Manufacturer Direct Pricing. Our Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Nippers And Nippers Tools Deliver The Sharp, Precise Trimming Professional Manicures Require. Equip Your Salon With Sturdy Nippers That Stay Sharp, Plus Nipper Sharpeners To Maintain Performance. Get Salon-Perfect Grooming Tools You Can Rely On For Flawless Results, Now At Unbeatable Wholesale Pricing. Browse Our Catalog Of Nail Nippers, Essential Nippers Tools, And Sharpeners, Optimized For The Needs Of Busy Salons. Contact Us To Take Advantage Of Special Wholesale Discounts Only Available Through The Manufacturer.

Get Premium Nail Cutters & Trimmers At Our Wholesale Prices

At Beautizon Instruments, We Empower Nail Technicians By Providing Premium Nail Cutters And Trimmers At Exclusive Wholesale Pricing – No Expensive Retail Markups. As Specialists In Professional Nail Care Tools For Over A Decade, Our Nail Clippers And Trimmers Are Crafted From Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel For Unparalleled Strength And Longevity. With Wholesale Pricing Direct From The Manufacturer, Salons Can Access Our Wide Selection Of Cutters Like Curved Clippers Ideal For Pedicures And Podiatry Care, Precision Cuticle Clippers, Angled Trimmers For Tough Nails, And More. We Also Offer Complete Nail Cutter Sets So You Have All The Essential Tools For Flawless Manicure And Pedicure Services.  Experience The Quality And Savings Of Stocking Your Nail Care Toolkit Straight From The Source. Equip Your Techs With Durable Cutters And Trimmers Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Discover Why Thousands Of Salons Worldwide Choose Beautizon Instruments For Premium Nail Cutting Implements.

Best Quality Manicure Kit for a Perfect Manicure and Pedicure

Our hand-held Manicure Kit was designed with one goal in mind: to bring relief to your tired hands, and make it easier on your shoulder muscles. Our ergonomic design includes a special angled blade and finger grips that cut through tough cuticles with ease. Made of quality materials, our cutter is durable and will last for years.

We all want to do a good job and get through it with as little effort as possible. If you’re looking for an all-purpose tool, this one might be perfect. It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold and operates smoothly. We’ve also found it to be durable and accurate. The ergonomic design and cleverly positioned blades make it easy to reach difficult places.

Need a quick and easy way to trim your cuticles? Our top-quality cuticle cutter and you’ll be ready to trim in a flash with its sharp, long-lasting blades. You’ll never go back to using your fingernails again!

The Importance of Using Quality Cuticle Scissors in Your Nail Art Process

Say goodbye to using nail scissors. cuticle scissors are specially designed to cut nicely around nails and other tight spots, like cuticles. With our double-edged blades, you can trim and shape with precision. These are high-quality steel scissors that are corrosion-resistant and sturdy enough to do the job right.

It’s not just any cuticle scissors. It’s our cuticle scissors. We’re the ones you go to when you want your manicurists to have the best tools in the world. We’ve been doing this for years and we know what it takes to make a product stand out from the rest. They come in various sizes to suit your needs and will be the most important tool you’ll ever use while working on your clients’ nails.

Cuticle Pusher is an Essential Tool for Nail Care!

Cuticle pusher is an essential tool for nail technicians and beauty enthusiasts alike. The cuticle pusher is meant to be used after pushing back the cuticles to smoothen them out.

The cuticle pusher is your new best friend. A simple, yet comprehensive tool for cleaning, removing and scraping hard-to-remove skin residue in manicure and pedicure treatments. With a rounded end and long, contoured handle it’ll make hard to reach spots easy to clean while the scraping blade removes dead skin cells with ease. The perfect accessory for anyone who wants their hands to look as good as they feel.

Filing your Nails with the Help of a Good Nail File

Are your nails always breaking, splitting, or looking dull? Time for a change! This handy nail file is small and durable, with a metal surface that effortlessly shapes and smooth nails. The small size means you can take it anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a nail file to use in your home, or you’re a professional looking for an easy-to-carry tool that packs a powerful punch, this professional-grade metal file will do the job! The small size and durable construction make this nail file perfect to take along with you on your next nail adventure.

Essential Podiatry Tools: Enhancing Foot Care and Well-being

In the realm of foot care and overall well-being, the significance of podiatry tools cannot be overstated. These specialized instruments play a pivotal role in enhancing foot health, ensuring comfort, and promoting a better quality of life. By addressing various foot-related issues, podiatry professionals rely on a range of essential tools designed to diagnose, treat, and prevent ailments.

Explore the world of podiatry tools, meticulously designed to enhance foot care and overall well-being. From specialized examination instruments to custom orthotic insoles, these tools are essential for diagnosing, treating, and preventing various foot conditions. Nail care clippers, foot massagers, wound care supplies, and advanced diagnostic equipment ensure comprehensive and precise care. With the aid of surgical instruments for complex cases, podiatrists empower individuals to step into a life of comfort and mobility. Discover how these tools are transforming foot health and promoting a higher quality of life.

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