Making Quality Beauty Accessible Since 2014

Nasir Javed Gerard

Beautizon Instruments was started in 2014 by entrepreneur Nasir Javed. He wanted to make clean self-care products available to everyone. Before starting Beautizon, Nasir worked hard to teach people about HIV/AIDS. He saw that many people didn’t have access to safe, hygienic salon tools. This made Nasir want to provide quality beauty tools for all.

Located in Sialkot, Pakistan, Beautizon began selling top hygiene tools locally and to big brands.

Soon, Nasir realized small private label companies couldn’t get the same great products as major companies. So Beautizon expanded to help over 16 new brands grow by using our excellent beauty supplies.

When COVID-19 began in 2019, our founder’s vision became even more important. Proper hygiene was key to stopping illness. As a top beauty supply distributor, Beautizon provides salons, stores and online sellers globally with our hygiene-focused products. Our wholesale beauty catalogs are available across the USA.

Started in 2014, Beautizon Instruments keeps working to make quality self-care available to everyone. We proudly unite communities globally to show how important hygiene is for health and beauty.
Contact us today to transform your brand with the best wholesale beauty supplies. Our journey to provide clean beauty products for all is just starting.