Professionals Nail Filer

Professionals have designed a double-sided Nail Filer that provides Natural Nail Polisher to your clients’ nails.¬†Emery board materials

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beautizon Professionals Professionals Nail Filer

It’s washable and reusable and it’ll last you 2 years. It can be used on natural or artificial nails at home, spas, and salons.

 Features & Uses:

  • A primary Nail File made of a top-of-the-line emery board and adhesive tape. These excellent, solid, and durable nail files are designed with a Semicircle Shape and Double Sides to provide you with a comfortable nail-doing experience. These nail files simplify cutting and shaping your nails into the shape or length you want.
  • Beautician Fine Nail is designed to increase blood circulation to the nail bed, resulting in healthy and beautiful nails that are strong and attractive.
  • Primary high-quality Fingernails, toenails, acrylic nails, fake nails, and natural nails all benefit from this product. Suitable for use in both the home and the salon.