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Immaculate, well-defined cuticles are key for beautiful, professional manicures.

At Beautizon, we provide salons and manicurists with premium cuticle pushers and removers for safe, effective cuticle care. Our pushers are designed to gently nudge back cuticles without tearing or snagging. The smooth, rounded stainless steel tips comfortably glide along the nail bed to neaten cuticles.

Plastic handles give you control and stability during use while preventing hand fatigue. For removing excess or overgrown cuticle, our removers allow precise, controlled trimming. The curved blade follows the natural nail shape, so you can trim hangnails and dead cuticle evenly for a clean finish. Easy-grip handles provide accuracy and prevent slipping.

We offer ergonomic pushers and removers individually or in combination kits so you have the right tools for every step of cuticle care. Our nail tool sets feature complementary shapes and sizes for expert manicures. At Beautizon, we make stocking your salon easy with bulk quantities and wholesale pricing on all our cuticle tools. Simplify shopping and rely on our cuticle pushers and removers for professional results.

Achieve beautiful, polished nails your clients will love with Beautizon’s premium cuticle care tools. Shop our selection today.

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