Instruments Care Guideline

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BEAUTIZON Care & Handling Instructions for Instruments

Valued Customers: Concerning your question on why staining, pitting or rusting can develop in stainless steel instruments, there are some Basic points for the care and handling of BEAUTIZON instruments which extend the life of the instruments. Eliminate staining or corrosion and lower the cost in use.



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BEAUTIZON Care & Handling Recommendations for Instruments


Brand new instruments should be cleaned prior to first sterilization.
Contaminated instruments should be processed as soon as possible.
Stubborn protein particles can be removed with a scrub brush. Do not use steel wool, abrasives or an acid rinse.
All joints on instruments prior to preparation.
Lubrication us vital to a long instrument life. Avoid silicon lubricants because they tend to build up and mix with Debris to clog moving parts, which becomes almost impossible to remove. Debris buildup can have a “rust-like” Appearance.
Rinse your cleaned instruments in dematerialized water. Be sure to remove all residual
cleaning compounds before Sterilization, as they can cause stains.
Dry the instruments thoroughly after rinsing.

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Valued Customers


Instruments should be rinsed as soon as possible after use to remove blood, serum and saline. Do not use a sponge basin as any residue from normal saline solution can cause corrosion to develop over a period of time.
Instruments should be thoroughly dried after cleaning and before wrapping or storing, as moisture left in the box locked or serrations can cause rust or corrosion to develop.
Do not leave instruments in a cold sterilization soak solution for extended periods as these solutions tent to be corrosive (after cold sterilization, rinse the instrument in distilled or dematerialized water and dry thoroughly).
If using cold sterilization technique, change the solution according to directions as prolonged use will cause the solution to become corrosive.
Do not use caustic cleaners or any other cleaner except those specified for cleaning surgical instruments.

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BEAUTIZON Product Warranty:


We take the quality of our instruments very seriously due to their application in surgery & maintain these high standards to ensure the best possible performance on the job. From designing to delivery, every effort is made to ensure that our valued customers receive instruments that are of superior quality and long life. We follow stringent quality control test, right from procurement of raw materials until the final product reaches to the customers.

These strict and tight measures give us the ultimate confidence & ability to offer all our valued customers warranty on all our BEAUTIZON “TGPI” & BEAUTIZON “SSGI” instruments product range to be free of functional, defects in workmanship and material when used for its intended purposes in Surgery or Care. Any BEAUTIZON Instruments or product that proves defective in workmanship or material will either be repaired or replaced, at BEAUTIZON discretion, without any charge. Our Instruments are guaranteed against function failures as;

1. Un-sharp cutting edges.

2. Grip, spread, pull, bend or retraction of instrument, if not functioning properly.

3. Rust areas on instruments. Such instruments will be replaced or repaired free of cost. You just provide us Purchase bill or Invoice of that instrument to get your warranty & guarantee rights.

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Customer Care Department


Our customer Care Department is located in head quarter of BEAUTIZON Instruments, at Dulchikey, P.O. Ugoki, Wazirabad Road, Sialkot-51310, Pakistan, Our efficient customer personal are available from 08.a.m till 06p.m. Monday through Saturday local Time, to provide & facilitate you with the following services.   

1. Authorization for the return Instrument.

2. Order Booking & Handling inquiries.

3. Product Information & price quoting.

4. Up to date to customers regarding their orders & deliveries status