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  3. Customization: Customize tweezers with your branding for personalized lash services.
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Achieving perfect eyelash extension application relies on having the right specialty tweezers in your professional kit.

At Beautizon, we provide lash technicians with the essential tweezer styles required for precision.

Isolation Tweezers: Curved Tips Separate Natural Lashes Curved isolation tweezers allow proper separation and maneuvering of natural lashes during application. The contoured, angled tip provides optimal visibility and control.

Pick-Up Tweezers: Straight Tips Grab Individual Extensions Straight pick-up tweezers enable accurately grabbing and precisely placing individual eyelash extensions onto natural lashes. The fine, straight tips provide a controlled grip.

Separation Tweezers: Reverse Tips Fan Out Extensions Reverse tweezers have wide, flattened platform tips perfect for fanning out eyelash extensions and rearranging fans as needed during application. The tips prevent extension damage.

Our salon-grade stainless steel tweezers feature hand-filed, slanted tips for durability and precision. Textured handles provide a steady grip. Custom colors available.

Give clients flawless eyelash extensions by stocking your professional kit with the essential tweezer types from Beautizon. Shop our selection today!

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