Get the perfect nails with the right cuticle pusher

If you’ve ever cut your cuticles, then you know just how easy it is to accidentally hurt yourself doing so. However, cutting your cuticles can be quick and effective if you have access to the right tools and use them properly. This guide will teach you everything cutting your cuticles can be quick and effective if you have access to the right tools and use them properly you need to know about using a cuticle cutter correctly so that you can do it safely and efficiently every time!

Cuticle Pusher

What exactly is pushing back cuticles?

Get the perfect nails with the right cuticle pusher
Pushing back your cuticles is a quick and easy way to make your nails look nicer.
It helps them grow longer by removing the excess skin on the edge of them.
The easiest way to push back your cuticles is with an orange stick or a toothpick our cuticle pusher, but you can also use cuticle cream, oil, or even baby oil.

The Best Possible Method to Push Back Your Cuticles

A cuticle pusher, or cuticle nipper as it’s also known, is an inexpensive tool that can help push back your cuticles safely and easily. Although it may look scary, using a cuticle pusher can be one of the easiest ways to keep your cuticles looking healthy and beautiful. Follow these steps to use one in less than 5 minutes every night before bed!

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How can I easily do this at home?

You can use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. There are also products you can use like Quickset Nail Polish Remover and Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener which are both necessary with a cuticle pusher. Do overdo it! Pushing back your cuticles too much can make them thin out and result in infection. To push back just the skin, push from the sides of the nail with your thumb in a quick motion. To push back thickened skin, use one hand to steady the nail and hold down the skin while using your other hand’s thumbnail to pull up on the edge of the skin away from you.

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How to Properly Remove a Cuticle?

After you have removed nail polish or product from the nails, begin prepping the nails by applying cuticle remover and then soaking hands in warm water mixed with a soak to soften skin and cuticles. After a few minutes, remove hands and dry them with a clean towel.

You can either use a metal cuticle pusher with a spoon shape, which is more efficient and easier to use, or an orangewood stick. In states that don’t allow metals implements, your best bet is the orangewood stick—it’s a classic!

Hold your tool the same way you would hold a pencil; keep your grip light but firm. Place the edge of the tool against the eponychium and gently press against it. The eponychium should slide back, exposing the cuticle. Repeat these steps on other nails. If you are using a pusher, make sure that you dull any rough or sharp edges with a nail file before pushing the cuticle.

Now that the cuticle is exposed, you can remove the non-living tissue from the nail plate. If you’re applying enhancements, any remaining cuticle will interfere with the adhesion of the product to the nail plate—hello lifted enhancements. It’s also a problem for a simple polish job.

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